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Aprons & Edging

metal edging
Metal Edging between gravel and grass.

Edging is often chosen to clearly define the driveway and parking areas. It is completely optional, and is often chosen in order to obtain a clean finished look.  We commonly install either a Metal Edge or a Belgian Block Edge around the driveway perimeter.  If this is something you are considering, here are a few questions to ask:  Is it necessary?  Often, no. While edging provides a clean finish around the edge, and distinctly marks the driveway, it is often installed for aesthetic reasons.  Another thing to consider is drainage.  If you have edging installed around an asphalt driveway, you could have problems with water draining, once you’ve closed off the edges where water would typically run-off.  This is often the case when overlaying existing driveways or adding edging after the driveway has been installed.  The driveway edging should typically be installed prior to the driveway to avoid possible problems later on.  Asphalt Berms or Tip-up Curbing can also be installed to help direct water flow.

Do I need to install edging around my new oil & stone driveway?

~  Edging around an oil & stone driveway is a bit more practical.  Because the stone will move and shift, edging is often installed in order to help keep the stones from migrating into lawn or garden areas.  With this in mind, the edging should have a reveal, (the amount of edging extending up over the driveway surface) between 2-3 inches to be functional.

Do I need to install an apron at my driveway entrance?

~  A driveway apron (or skirt) is typically optional.  Some county or state roads may require you to install a hard surface at the apron area such as asphalt or concrete.  If you are having an oil & stone driveway surface installed, you may want to check to see if an apron will be required.

block apron
Block apron being installed.

What is the recommended length and width for a driveway apron?

~  A typical driveway apron will extend the width of the driveway with a slight flare or radii at the entrance.  Aprons can extend as far into the driveway as needed, i.e. to meet a gate or pillars, or be as small as one foot in, to simply separate the driveway from the roadway.