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Driveway Installation

What type of preparation work is required?

~  Every driveway must start out with a good solid foundation.  The driveway area should be properly excavated, removing any unsuitable material such as sand, topsoil, clay or large stones.  Other organic material, like tree roots or lumber, which can decay over time, should also be removed.  Once the excavation is complete, a suitable sub-grade material (usually a gravel/loam blend) should be installed and allowed to settle.  This work is usually done during the site clearing and preparation, leaving plenty of time for compaction and settling.  It is recommended that the sub-grade material be placed at a minimum of 6-12 inches depending upon the existing ground conditions.  Generally, the sub-grade is prepared leaving 2-4 inches left for the base, and topcoat surface.


What is the installation process for my new asphalt driveway?

Assuming the existing sub-grade is suitable, the driveway will be rough graded for proper pitch and elevations and the RCA blend will be installed as a base.  (Generally 2-3 inches of RCA blend is required to bring the surface within final grade.)  The base will then be fine graded and compacted.  Once the driveway base has been properly prepared, hot mixed asphalt will be delivered by truck to your location and distributed into the paver.  The paver then distributes the hot asphalt over the prepared base, where it is rolled and compacted to the specified thickness.


What is the installation process for my new oil & stone driveway?

~  The same preparation work is required when installing either an asphalt or an oil & stone surface.  Once the driveway base is prepared, a sprayer applies hot RC-250 over the driveway base.  A layer of stone or gravel is then applied by spreader truck over the treated driveway surface.  The gravel is then rolled and compacted.  If two coats of oil and stone are being installed, the surface is treated again with oil (RC-250), another layer of gravel is added and again compacted by a roller.


How long will it take to install my new driveway?

~  Most driveways that have already been roughed in will only take a few days to complete.  It is typical for the grading crew to prepare and fine grade the driveway within one day.  Once the grading is complete, it is generally recommended that the base have a chance to settle.  We usually try to leave at least 2-3 days between the grading work and the finish surface. After the grade is set and the layout is correct, the finish surface will be applied.  Again, the finish crew usually completes this within one day. Additional items of work such as drainage or edging will add time to the construction process.


What will my new asphalt driveway look like?

~  Initially, the new asphalt surface will appear relatively smooth and dark black in color.  It is normal to see some of the aggregate or stone in the mix.  Over time, due to weather and usage, the driveway will wear slightly and become a bit lighter in color.  You will also begin to notice more of the aggregate showing through, and a slightly lighter, bluish-gray or tan coloration.  This is all normal wear, and is to be expected.  Simple maintenance can be followed to keep the driveway protected and help seal any small cracks that may appear.


What will my new oil & stone driveway look like?

~  Your oil & stone driveway will look just like a loose gravel driveway.

The oil base installed underneath the stone will not show through and the stone placed on top will be loose.    Over time you may develop some bare areas where the stone may have worn away.  It is important to maintain an even layer of loose gravel so that the hardened oil base does not experience wear.  The stone can be easily maintained with a little re-raking and periodically adding more stone.